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(Translated loosely as ‘Wishing you well being every year’)


I just got confirmation from our local community that tomorrow,

Tuesday, September 30 is Eid day

Things have been a little crazy in preparation for the big day so that’s why I haven’t been posting as much. 

I pray that Allah has accepted our fast, prayers, dua and good deeds.  Ameen.

May Allah give you a joyous Eid celebration. 

Taqqabal Allah mina wa minkum.  (May Allah accept from us and from you all.)



Oh, and for those of you who gave feedback about me using Arabic phrases (that for the most part are common knowledge to Muslims around the world regardless of the dozens of languages that they speak), here is an Islamic phrase glossary to help you out.  Hope that helps! 😉


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Ok, I have no idea if this is true or not but if it is, I want to emphasize that this tragic event has NOTHING to do with Islam, even if the guy is Muslim.  And there is much evidence to prove that this is absolutely wrong.

Does anyone know if this news report is even true?  I couldn’t find an “About Us” page on the website its published at.



Source:  Daily Times (Pakistan)

Published date: September 26, 2008


ATHENS: Police have arrested a Pakistani in Athens after he allegedly tried to set his Greek wife on fire and then stole her purse, the semi-state Athens News Agency said on Thursday. They had an argument as they drove in the western Athens district of Peristeri on Wednesday, ANA said. The suspect then poured a container of gasoline over the woman who was in the driver’s seat, jumped out of the car and attempted to set it on fire. He was thwarted by people passing by and fled, but not before grabbing his wife’s purse. The man was later arrested outside his house, ANA said. afp

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(Association of Muslims in Greece )



Η Μουσουλμανική Ένωση Ελλάδας σας καλεί για την προσευχή του Eid al Fitr σε ανοιχτό χώρο όπως μας είπε ο Προφήτης (ευλογημένος εν ειρήνη από το Θεό) και θα γίνει στον παλαιό Ιππόδρομο

Οι τρόποι για να φτάσετε εκεί με τη συγκοινωνία είναι οι ακόλουθοι:

1.Τρόλεϊ 5 τέρμα 2. Τρόλεϊ 10 τέρμα 3. Λεωφορείο 910 τέρμα
4. Λεωφορείο 040 Σύνταγμα – Πειραιάς 5. Τραμ στάση Τζιτζιφιές

Θα υπάρχει ειδικός χώρος για τις αδερφές μας καθώς και παιχνίδια και δώρα για τα μικρά παιδιά, διαθέτει μεγάλο χώρο πάρκινγκ

Η προσεχή θα γίνει ώρα 8.30 και παρακαλούμε να φέρετε τα χαλάκια σας μαζί εάν σας είναι εύκολο.

Αδέλφια και αδελφές η προσευχή σε ανοιχτό χώρο είναι μία από τις διαταγές του αγαπημένου μας Προφήτη (ευλογημένου εν ειρήνη από το Θεό)

Την  προσευχή θα κάνει ο Σεΐχ Μωχάμμεντ Χερζουλλάχ από το πανεπιστήμιο Αλ Αζχαρ του Καΐρου.


The Association of Muslims in Greece invites you for the prayer of Eid al Fitr in open sky area as our Prophet (saaw) ordered us, and this will take place at the old hippodrome.

How can you get there?

1. Trolley bus 5 terminal 2. Trolley bus 10 terminal  3. Bus 910 terminal
4. Bus 040 Pireas – Syntagma 5. Tram station Tzitzifies

There will be separate space for our sisters, toys and gifts for our beloved little children and large parking space.

The prayer will be at 8.30am and please bring your prayer mats with you if possible.
Brothers and sisters, the prayer under open sky is one of the orders of our beloved Prophet (saaw).

The prayer will recite Sheikh Mohammed Herzoullah from Al Azhar University in Cairo.

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I loved the beauty of these photos taken all around the world.  I wonder if someone can send me a photo of Ramadan in your local area or Greece/Cyprus so we can add it to the list.  (You can send it to info@greeksrethink.com)

Source: www.boston.com

Sample photos:




Check out the rest here: Ramadan pictures around the world

They are really beautiful; don’t miss out.

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I found this article to be quite interesting considering I didn’t even know there were that many mosques in Bulgaria to begin with! 


Source:  Adnkronos.com   

Published Date: September 24, 2008


Bulgaria’s highest Muslim authority has announced the closure of 200 mosques due to a lack of religious leaders or imams to lead prayers.

“Although the number of faithful has grown, we are forced to close the mosques due to a lack of religious leaders,” said Bulgaria’s Grand Mufti, Mustafa Haji.

“Many years of Communist rule and a lack of funds are the reasons for this crisis,” he said.

Bulgaria has 1,500 mosques, but only 900 are currently open to the faithful and 200 of those are likely to be shut down indefinitely.

Bulgaria has 8.7 million inhabitants, of whom 12 percent are Muslim. The country joined the European Union in January last year.

Most Muslims in the country are Bulgarians of Turkish origin that have been living in the area since the time of Ottoman rule from the late 14th until the late 19th century.

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The other day, a family sponsored an iftar dinner specifically for converts.  I thought that was really nice since, many times, converts don’t have a big circle of Muslim family or friends to enjoy socializing as much as others.

Now, Eid is coming up. 

Eid is supposed to be a fun time but that might not be the case for converts.  While others always have their families to visit, the only place many converts can visit on the Eid day is the prayer. 

Many converts won’t tell you this but they really do WANT you to invite them over.  Otherwise, many times, the only place that they go after the morning prayer is, well, you guessed it…home.

What’s really nice is if your community has a Family Eid Day party/gathering or children’s festival on the same day as Eid. That way, at least converts can attend and feel part of the celebration too.

Logistically, this doesn’t always work out and more than not, Eid parties are shifted to the weekend because that’s when most people are free.

So, if you know someone with no where to go on the Eid, here’s an idea:  invite them over! 🙂

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We can relate to the example of purifying gold by extracting it from unwanted metals of particles, but I find it interesting that the literal meaning of zakat means the same thing -to grow (in goodness), increase, purify or make pure, just like you would do to your gold. 


So, we give a very small portion of our assets to purify our wealth, to protect us from misfortunes and to gain Allah’s blessing to make it grow in goodness.


Many people like to pay their zakat in Ramadan.  Here are the recipients you can pay it out to:


  1. Poor
  2. Needy
  3. Those who administer the zakah
  4. Those whose hearts are reconciled for Islam (new Muslims or non-Muslims opening their hearts to Islam etc.)
  5. To free the slaves
  6. Those unable to pay their debts
  7. Travelers rendered helpless
  8. In the way of Allah


(Note: These categories are mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah At-Tawbah:60)



Many people tend to have lots of questions about how to go about calculating zakat etc. so you can post your questions/comments here below and I will try to answer or find the answer for you insha Allah.





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