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I invite you to join our team.

We’re planning some really exciting stuff so if you’d like to help out with translating to Greek, connecting with other Greek Muslims, giving dawah, or just helping us promote the website to everyone out there, you’re the one to help us!

E-mail us at info@greekmuslims.com RIGHT AWAY and let us know how you can contribute.


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My friend was telling me about this billboard that said something like,

 1.5 billion Muslims believe in Jesus (pbuh). 


It stirred some discussion because we were debating if that was an effective dawah tool or not.  Some people might just look at that billboard and say, “Hmm, nice but… who cares?” and some people might say, “Hmm, that’s wierd.  I thought Muslims believed in some moon god or something.”

So, I guess there are some pros and cons of the billboard but in any case, most people are not going to go running to learn about Islam because of this billboard.  That’s why I think that it’s better to discuss the DIFFERENCES between Islam and Christianity more than the similiarities.

I guess there is always a time and place where we need to clarify the similiarities too though so we are not seen as totally strange people.  I mean, we are part of the Abrahamic faith and that’s an important point that everyone should know.

So, here are some resources for that:

Similarities between Islam and Christianity (Greek)


Είναι ο Ιησούς Θεός? – Debate




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Malcom X

Another new resource:

Malcolm X (Greek)

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“Tekhe Arabi?”


“Why not?”

“Because I’m Greek.”

(face full of shock)

“Oh… I thought you were Arabic because of your [points to her face with her finger and makes a circle]”.

“No, just a Greek Muslim.”

This happened to me today.  Should be no surprise, it happens way too often. Judgment — shock — confusion.  They can’t come to grips with Greeks being Muslim but actually, the number of Greek Muslims is rising and rising.  Christianity is failing Greeks by the thousands and thousands, many just become agnostics or atheists and some research other religions to find the truth.

I invite you to make a promise to open your mind and search for the truth.  Before you do this, please first get rid of judgments that you’ve been raised with about other people and cultures.  The answers are in the scriptures, not the people.  Because the scriptures is where God’s guidance is. Just make a promise now to God. 

Say in sincerity, “O God, lead me to the true path.”

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International famous Greek singer converts to Islam.  Find out more about his amazing journey:

Yusuf Islam (Greek) 

Yusuf Islam (English)

Cat Stevens’ transition to Yusuf Islam

(Note: Music is included in the video.)

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I was sent a couple more resources:

Cyprus Islam website

If you live in Cyprus, this website is good because it gives you the mosques and prayer times.  It’s also good for everyone in general because it has some links to some good information about Islam.

Dr. L. Moore about Islam 

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New youtube series

Greek Moslim Brother Abu Hamza Al Yunani (1/8 )

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