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(Translated loosely as ‘Wishing you well being every year’)


I just got confirmation from our local community that tomorrow,

Tuesday, September 30 is Eid day

Things have been a little crazy in preparation for the big day so that’s why I haven’t been posting as much. 

I pray that Allah has accepted our fast, prayers, dua and good deeds.  Ameen.

May Allah give you a joyous Eid celebration. 

Taqqabal Allah mina wa minkum.  (May Allah accept from us and from you all.)



Oh, and for those of you who gave feedback about me using Arabic phrases (that for the most part are common knowledge to Muslims around the world regardless of the dozens of languages that they speak), here is an Islamic phrase glossary to help you out.  Hope that helps! 😉


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The other day, a family sponsored an iftar dinner specifically for converts.  I thought that was really nice since, many times, converts don’t have a big circle of Muslim family or friends to enjoy socializing as much as others.

Now, Eid is coming up. 

Eid is supposed to be a fun time but that might not be the case for converts.  While others always have their families to visit, the only place many converts can visit on the Eid day is the prayer. 

Many converts won’t tell you this but they really do WANT you to invite them over.  Otherwise, many times, the only place that they go after the morning prayer is, well, you guessed it…home.

What’s really nice is if your community has a Family Eid Day party/gathering or children’s festival on the same day as Eid. That way, at least converts can attend and feel part of the celebration too.

Logistically, this doesn’t always work out and more than not, Eid parties are shifted to the weekend because that’s when most people are free.

So, if you know someone with no where to go on the Eid, here’s an idea:  invite them over! 🙂

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