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I thought this was a nice reminder.


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We can relate to the example of purifying gold by extracting it from unwanted metals of particles, but I find it interesting that the literal meaning of zakat means the same thing -to grow (in goodness), increase, purify or make pure, just like you would do to your gold. 


So, we give a very small portion of our assets to purify our wealth, to protect us from misfortunes and to gain Allah’s blessing to make it grow in goodness.


Many people like to pay their zakat in Ramadan.  Here are the recipients you can pay it out to:


  1. Poor
  2. Needy
  3. Those who administer the zakah
  4. Those whose hearts are reconciled for Islam (new Muslims or non-Muslims opening their hearts to Islam etc.)
  5. To free the slaves
  6. Those unable to pay their debts
  7. Travelers rendered helpless
  8. In the way of Allah


(Note: These categories are mentioned in the Qur’an in Surah At-Tawbah:60)



Many people tend to have lots of questions about how to go about calculating zakat etc. so you can post your questions/comments here below and I will try to answer or find the answer for you insha Allah.





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