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Alhamduilillah, we’ve been working very hard to get the new Greeks Rethink website up and running very soon insha Allah!  This is a heads up that once we launch the new website www.greeksrethink.com, the current blog here will no longer be updated.

Don’t worry though, I’ve copied over all of our blog posts and comments, as well as our pages over to the new site.  PLUS, we have some more cool things for you to make it easier for you to connect with others in our community, but I won’t give it away just yet.

Stay tuned…


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You know people are thinking about it because you can see subtle (or not-so-subtle!) hints in people’s messages and e-mails but everyone is afraid to let it out of the bag for fear of embarrassment or rejection.

What is that topic?  You figure it out:

What she says: Wow, ma sha Allah, great idea to gather all the Greek Muslims together.

What she means: I wonder if I can meet a really awesome Greek Muslim brother that will fall in love with me.

What he says:  Wow, ma sha Allah, great idea to gather all the Greek Muslims together.

What he means: I wonder if there are any beautiful Greek Muslim sisters I can hook up with?

The topic?  “I wanna get married!”  

(Haha, I know you’re smiling right now. 🙂  )


Ok, so let’s let the cat out of the bag.  How do brothers or sisters approach each other without feeling utterly embarrassed?!  How do we go about hooking marriages up, keeping in mind everything has to be halal?  We need to go through a wali but many of us here don’t have a father wali but most likely an imam wali that is probably busy with a thousand other things.

Ok, so don’t get shy on me now.  I don’t want to be the only one talking about this – then that will be uncomfortable 🙂 .  Post your ideas, even if you are married or if you are not looking for marriage.  We’re just in “general beating around the bush” type conversation right now.  No need for utter embarrassment … yet!  🙂

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I have some great news!  I’ve been working hard this past month to plan some awesome things for you behind the scenes.  I can’t reveal all of them yet, but one thing’s for sure: we need a smashing new name for the website to replace the plain old “Greek Muslims” title.


And what better way to do it than to have a CONTEST?! 

This new name will represent YOU and US as part of the FIRST and most dynamic online global Greek community so we need a captivating name that we can call ourselves. 


And here’s the BEST PART.  Whoever comes up with the best name for our community will win a prize worth $147USD.  <— yes, that’s right! 


All you have to do is come up with an outstanding name that fits the criteria below by Thursday, August 7th and you can have a chance to win the prize of transforming your life in a free 30 minute session with a DiscoverULife Muslim expert lifecoach  certified and trained to help you on your way to acheive wealth, business, health, relationships, personal or spiritual mastery — whatever you choose!  (Trust me, it’s no gimmick, I’ve tried it myself for 5 months and that’s what got me to start this website project! For more information, go to their website:  www.discoverulife.com)

You don’t have to be a Greek Muslim to participate and you can be living in any area of the world to win the prize.  You can submit more than one name and more than one time.

Here’s the criteria:

  • Originality – it can’t be used anywhere else
  • It has to sound good (Imagine you are talking to someone and you say, “Hey, I’m part of the ____ community online.  It’s really awesome.  Did you join yet?” )
  • Meaning can represent a sense community/connection for Greek Muslims around the world
  • Greek or English words or a mix of both (or make up a word!)
  • Preferably 1 word, maximum 2
  • Easy to spell; easy to remember
  • Be creative.  Think outside of the box.  Write something unheard of (think of words like Amazon, Kodak, Adidas etc.)

I wish you all the best.  You can either e-mail me the name(s) at info@greekmuslims.com or post it here in the comments.  Any questions?  Post them here.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Introducing our new section, Etho Ta Leme! This will be our open discussion arena.  Literally, this translates from Greek to “here we will say them” , coming from the expression,”Ta Leme”, which generally means “see you [soon]”.  In other words, it’s your time to shine!  Let others know what you think about the chosen topic.  Let’s make the first discussion memorable!!!


Why couldn’t you just find a good Greek boy?

I’m sure at one point in time, you’ve heard your mom say this to your or your sibling.  It’s the dream of any mother that you find that perfect Greek spouse.

As exciting as marriage can be, it’s also complicated.  To add to that, many are entering into intercultural marriages (which are permissible), especially in the case of Greek Muslims who are widely spread out around the world. 

Would you rather marry

 inside or outside of your culture?




Looking forward to hearing lots of responses insha Allah.  Let’s get a discussion going and connect on a whole new level!

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